SunFin App
The saving app that let your gains shine in the sky of investment opportunities

Design task during the recruitment process for what I had 8 hrs time limitLaunch a mobile application that allows users to create an online savings account. This savings account has a special characteristic:Investment in risky financial products.
Use Job to be done methodology to define the problems, understand users' pains and gains via customer journey map, using best practices to build prototype to test solution on real customers.
My check list
⚡ Define the problem
⚡ Build Initial User flow
⚡ Create Information architecture
⚡ Deliver Interactive prototype
Jacob the persona - 0,5 hr
I'm actually not a big fan of personas, sometimes they are quite unrealistic and can't cover all specifics of users group. However, I don't want to always talk about some abstract user, so I'd prefer to give a little bit of personality to the user.
Problem definition - 1 hr
I used Jobs to be done method to frame main reasons to start investing. The reasons will help to define when is better time to interact with Jacob and empathise some emotional insights that can be used as a small interactions in the app to improve general usability.
The user problem I discovered that some people who want to diverse their investment portfolios with different asses (stocks, crypto, ETF etc.) still use spreadsheet to define the actual percentage they want to keep on a depo account
Defining the journey - 2 hr
The selected method of journey map helped frame the flow and define possible pain points and opportunities to encourage Jacob to continue the flow with small interactions. The primary outcome of this step was a defined application map to start building the prototype.
Prototyping - 4 hr
After the App map was defined, I needed to have some basic components to start building the prototype, for easier editing in a future. For this purposes I used Figma components feature. Also for faster prototyping I used native iOS components pack in Figma.
link to figma file
Registration flow usability
I've decided to use best practices from NNG and Baymard Institute to build a form fields.
Time estimation should give user understanding of how much time it would potentially lasts.
One question at a time helps user to focus on particular part of the flow and not be distracted.
Investment settings
The Jacob has his bank connected and already defined a sum to invest. His fixed interest rate is 7%, but he can decide to invest in risky assets some part of his money.
Then he decides is he is an experienced investor or he would like to take it slow.
Investment home
After some time of using the App Jacob can compare how would his portfolio change based on the share of risk investments.

Main features:
- Compare past results by different investment settings
- Monitor the state of the investment and change any time
- Switch to new risky investment share

what's next?
The user test of full flow to validate the hypothesis
Update the flow with results of user test
Build High fidelity UI screens for development
As a result of presenting the concept to Designers and Product Manager, I got the offer to work as UX Designer.
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