As many of Ukrainian designers, I started my design path from a cracked Photoshop in my adolescence, retouching photos. Only in 8 years after my first awareness with the graphic redactor, I understood that design is not about graphics or pixels, but also solving the problems.
After school, my mom told me to choose Economy faculty to have money. So, as mom told, I went to agricultural university to learn finance, with focus on exchange business. Frankly speaking, I loved it, especially, stocks trading, analytics and the feeling of the abnormal level of adrenaline on daily basis.
Furthermore, I worked as an agricultural markets analyst in French consulting company - Agritel. While working for agrarians, communicating on numerous events presenting overviews for hundreds of operators, I first understood that products should solve users problems. With my team, after collecting a vast amount of feedback from different types of potential clients and after conducting interviews we designed several analytics services for agrarians. Finally, it brought a profit boost for the company and got an extra bonus to my salary.
Then I understood that agriculture wasn't my calling. I wanted to solve more problems, to make this world a better place to live. I decided to spend my bonus on design course in KAMA. It was the the first time I was impressed by Vladimir Smirnov, who was tutor for UX design course. Eventually, I went to a Web design course.
After finishing the course I found a job in IoT project and gained great experience in user interface design, prototyping and concepts creation with a focus on user interactions, delivering sitemaps, wireframes, flow diagrams and other materials. Moreover, I worked in a team with frontend, backend developers, project managers and project owners during iterative scrum process.
While working I learnt design thinking methods and got acquainted with IDEO works and methodology, which seems to me really impressive. Also, I used Atomic design in my work to build scalable design systems.

What next? If you're not getting better, you're getting worse.
I'm going to join UX Architecture course on Sep 19 and get more experience in user research, prototyping, problem-solving and building systems.

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KYIV, Ukraine
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