Building future strategy of the most transparent, personalised and fastest car insurance comparison portal in Germany
The current state of the product appears to have a significant drop off at Search results page and the current implementation doesn't seem to capture target audience nor does it reflect the innovation we wish to drive forward.
The output is a future vision concept, plus first iteration of "low hanging fruits" improvements to prepare for the "switch insurance season" in Germany (Nov).

Key Performance Metrics
After User tests:
⚡Increased number of users with positive perception
⚡Decreased Cognitive load rate on the Results page
⚡Reduced number of confusion rate
After implementation:
⚡Increase the conversion rate on search results page
⚡Decrease customer acquisition cost
We were a team of 3 passionate product comrades who went through 16 hours of collective work to make this project shine

My role

✨ Collecting and reviewing research resources
✨Competitors review
✨Building all levels of fidelity interactive prototypes
✨Conducting, validating, reporting User-tests
✨Specifications for developers implementation

Methods we've used:
Review of previous research resources
Stakeholders interviews
Competitors review
Success/failure criteria framing using HMW (How Might We?)
Requirements definition (features and component, main pain points)
Customer journey map review
Mind map sketching (high level features, wild cards)
Ideation: Crazy 8s
Ideation: Paper prototype sketching and dote voting for best ideas
Concept consolidation Stakeholders review
User test of preselected solutions
We used such methods to build first sketches: Crazy 8's exercise, Solution silent voting, Discussing the final feature listing.
Fast-track to results
People are bored to answer 32 questions about their car and insurance. They need to find additional documents to go through the process inputing data from their documents in a flow.

Integrate OCR technology combined with collaboration with VIN data base and user can receive results in 60 seconds.
Details page
We tried to step out the common concept of search results page and the back and force interaction. So, we combined results page and details page in one screen.

Transparent overview
Users give us feedback that our market visualisation is not transparent and there is really hard to compare different options
Meaningful comparison
We found out that there is quite big group of users who collect all the features of product in Excel sheet to compare them side by side.


Build in comparison table functionality to compare all the details of the product side by side with highloghted main difference at the top
User profile
Users forget to switch their insurance on time, they forget where is their insurance documents, they don't know their insurance details, they want see overview of the market, they also want to know that they have best possible option on market.


Create an Insurance home for the Joonko's customers and help them cope with complicated insurance process.
Initial user test
Advice, recommendation and guidance - This test showed that users felt more informed and empowered when interacting with our platform.

This test has highlighted that filters and comparison are more important for the switch season than the matrix.

Improve for mobile:
The perception of content from Detail page was excessive and potential new layout may need to be considered
Platform: Rapid usertest

Mobile prototype
Low hanging fruits workshop
After the user test we found out that users feel overwhelmed with amount of details when it comes to mobile. They also mentioned main desired features: filtering and comparison. We needed solutions with low effort and high impact, so called "pick low hanging fruits".On the workshop we defined priorities for switch season 1. Comparison table
2. Filters
3.Visual and usability enhancement of search results page
We decided postpone recommendation functionality to the next iteration which will happen after the Switch season.
Low hanging fruits user test
The user test showed quite good perception of feature filter, brand filter and comparison table.
Platform: Testing time
Action points after the test:
  1. Implement Feature Filter functionality
  2. Update design and implement Comparison Table feature
  3. Implement Brand filter with action to select/deselect all
  4. Implement Insurance options configuration menu.
  5. Test the Card content and layout as an isolated test
Cross-functional collaboration
At this step we needed communicate all the tested solutions with engineers to prepare Joonko for the Switch season. At the end we implemented Features, Brand filters, Comparison table functionality and brand new Insurance cards as well as whole search results table. Good job!
The result of implemented features
Conversion on Search results page over first 2 weeks of features implemented
Average customer satisfaction level (Hot Jar)
on average daily decline of customer support requests
Latest implemented version of search results page
Future vision concept
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