Alfa-bank App is a banking app that helps people to save and increase their money, at the same time provides an easy flow of ordering a new card.

We used a design-sprint approach to get some fundamental directions in the project, using an evaluation-heavy human-centred design approach to reduce frustration and uncertainty.
I worked on market research, competitor analysis, user research, creation of prototypes, Low and High fidelity mock ups and evaluation during all the iterations.
My Role
Alfa-bank App is a banking app that helps people to save and increase their money, at the same time provides an easy flow of ordering a new card. Our big design challenge was to do this without adding the burden of a frustrating procedure of filling in long forms and time-consuming visits of a bank office.
To formulate empathy with users, I started off with a review of existing feedbacks of the application, conducting several interviews and providing several sessions of usability testing. This concluded in a preceding set of pain points and possible pain relievers, as well as gain creators to test .

Methods used: Competitor Analysis, User Interviews, User Testing, Personas, User journey map.
On this stage for testing results of "Ideation phase"
I created prototypes to make testing of the solutions faster. So going from the Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi prototypes, I have created final prototype to test.

Methods used: Paper Prototypes, App map, Wireframe, Interactive prototypes
Testing process brought to us some surprises, so we needed to remake some of the prototypes and flows. For example we've tested several visualization and colors solutions.

Methods used: Usability testing
As a result, we completely redesigned the flow of purchasing debit and credit cards to make the process simple and gave a recommendation to the Bank to reduce the number of cards' options.

We also have created an effortless flow of filtering the deposit contract conditions and signing up a deposit account.

The proposed version of the application now allows receiving financial news and reminders to save money and not to spend them elsewhere.
The result
Solution 1
We have shortened the time for purchasing a bank card in 2 times and made all the process clear and short as possible.
Solution 2
We came up with idea to build convenient deposit calculator for user to calculate possible profit from signing in the deposit. Also we designed the financier consultant to help user decide when to invest money and whet it is better to open saving account.
This project helped me to increase empathy and get better understanding of bank customers and their key values.
As well as this, project helped me to gain knowledge in Google and Apple guidelines for application design.

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